Printable Wrap Film l The Type of Customization We Deserve

Printable Wrap Film l The Type of Customization We Deserve

Printable Wrap Film for vehicles offers a wide range of advantages, including the ability to customize vehicles for personal or business use. With digitally printable wrapping film, individuals can create custom designs and graphics for their vehicles, allowing them to stand out on the road and express their personal style or brand identity. This level of customization is not possible with traditional paint jobs, making printable film a popular choice for those looking to make a statement with their vehicles.

Printable Wrap Film

How does it work?

3M™ Print Wrap Film takes cast vinyl and adds Comply™ Air Release with microtechnology to help provide smooth results when applied. Stretching up to 130% and maintaining lift resistance without a primer, this film won't shrink, making it the ideal wrapping solution. 

The Easy Apply™ technology of Avery Dennison Print film uses air release to reduce wrinkles and bubbles during installation. SuperCast vinyl has outstanding durability and outdoor performance with an expected durability of up to 10 years, as well as excellent dimensional stability that allows it to be easily converted. 

Endless possibilities for customization

Choose your style

With the ability to print custom graphics and designs, businesses can turn their vehicles into mobile billboards, promoting their brand and reaching a wider audience. Fleet graphics solutions, such as those offered by 3M & Avery Dennison, allow businesses to amplify their branding efforts on the go. This type of advertising is highly effective, as it allows companies to reach potential customers wherever they go, from busy city streets to rural highways. With the ability to customize and protect vehicles while also promoting a brand, printable film for vehicles is a versatile and valuable tool for businesses of all sizes.

Choose 3M™ or Avery Dennison Print Wrap Film and give your vehicle the wrap it needs to perform at its best!

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