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I haven’t put yet ..Can wait

X5 chrome delete with 3M 2080

I used 3M 2080 in gloss black to wrap the aluminum window trim on my X5. First time wrapping anything with vinyl. Results are impressive. The 2080 is a quality product. It's easy to use and very forgiving. Take your time, follow the directions and use a sharp blade. I would buy this product again but wouldn't use Canada Post for shipping. It's a garbage service.

Great stuff

Thanks for the foil and the glove. You will hear from me, next time I have another project.

Nice color

Nice color love it

Awsome product

Super tine but color is hard 💪🏼

Roger Pettengill (Friendship, US)
Rub me!

This works as advertised. Really helps adhering the vinyl without scratches.

Roger Pettengill (Friendship, US)
I have some learning to do

I think the quality of this is top notch. But I have not learned the technique yet. I break it before it starts cutting the vinyl. If I get lucky and get it to start cutting the vinyl, then it will cut all the way with precision and a very clean cut. Practice, practice, practice!

One sharp item

This knife is super comfortable and easy to handle. Well done and worth every cent.


Great vinyl to wrap your motorcycle fairings with. Easy film to work with for beginners, such as myself. Will purchase another roll of vinyl in a different colour.

Excellent product

Super good quality

Looks great easy to work with


Love the product. Instawraps is a great company to do business with. I have ordered multiple films by them and every roll I received perfect condition I am a very happy customer

Fast shipping, good quality

Awesome product, used for chrome delete on honda civic. No issues or complaints, will buy again.

Best wrapping I have done

It was really easy to work with and the results came up to be really good, I recommend to use this and don’t hesitate to order it.

It is rugged so far, and is some of the coolest material I’ve seen

I live in the mountains and with all the crap on the road in winter, any normal vinyl never holds up on the front bumpers, mirrors and hood, and chips like crazy. Decided to try this material in hopes it could stand up to all the winter road debris, and so far, a couple thousand miles in, not a single chip. And this material does install pretty awesome, so far no issues with handles or other tight spots, everything is staying down nice, and this material looks friggin siiiiick!

Perfect Match

This vinyl matches my 2022 Slingshot R Pacific Teal perfectly!!! Gave my rims the perfect finish!!!

3M Ghost Flip Pearl

A little difficult to install, have to be really careful with the squeegee to not damage the vinyl or leave scratches.

Avery Gloss Sea Breeze Blue

Somewhat easy install, looks great on the car!

The Real Deal

It took some searching and a failed purchase to finally find a place to purchase Genuine 3M window tint. I had ordered some advertised ‘3M’ tint from another source only to be disappointed when it arrived. It was not 3M, it was garbage. Then I found set up an account and ordered my tint. It was shipped promptly thru Canada Post and arrived in a timely fashion. It came in a heavy cardboard tube and was in perfect condition, plus… it is the real deal, Genuine 3M window tint! I had called all around my area only to find that no one will sell window tint, they all must install it. I like to do my own tinting on my project cars, and am glad that is there to supply the diy guys with great products like 3M. Now that I am connected with them, I will purchase all my vinyl and tinting products from them exclusively. Cheers👊😎


97 Honda Accord

Honda should’ve made carmine red a factory color. Very happy with the product and shipping was fast even though the first 1.5 feet was scuffed. Thank you

black ash

beautiful film, only minor complaint is it rips very easy, just a learning lesson on my part as I have never worked with it before, but I love the look and texture.

It's perfect!

Very vibrant color and great material to work with, especially on motorcycle fairings! Went on brilliantly!

Looks great installed; not on the roll

The color looks great in pictures on-line and installed, but on the roll when I first received it I was second guessing my pick. I was certainly not disappointed when I started installing it! A very flexible wrap that looks great!

Very good necessity items

Always used always great