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KPMF Wrap Film Series K71000


K71000 series is a range of luxury and innovative visual effect over-laminate films, available in a number of sparkling starlight and delicate pearlescent finishes. The gloss and matte films offer an opportunity to produce exciting and unique finishes when over-laminated onto any of the KPMF vehicle wrap product range.

The combination of soft cast vinyl formulation and specific adhesive design, offers excellent conformability into recesses, and adhesion which allows the film to be removed using heat, up to a period of three years from the range of substrates.


  • Over-lamination Films permanently enhance and protect solid colors and printed media
  • Premium quality cast film construction
  • Produced using solvent based acrylic adhesive systems
  • Suitable for long term outdoor environments

Laminate over any color change or digital print media.


Product Usage Guide:

Over-laminate vinyl specifically developed for use with Vehicle wrap products to achieve exciting and unique vehicle wraps. For use in the digital imaging industry to permanently enhance and protect printed media.

KPMF films should not be applied to unsound surfaces or to surfaces which may subsequently crack, peel, outgas or have a low surface energy.

It is recommended that any application surface should have an energy level in excess of 40 dyne/cm. (Polyolefins should be in excess of 45 dyne/cm) Prolonged exposure to high and low temperatures in the presence of chemicals such as solvents, acids, etc. may eventually cause deterioration.

Actual performance will depend on substrate preparation, exposure conditions and application of marking. When using metallic films, always keep the application direction of the film consistent with the orientation of the film from the roll, when applying to the vehicle.

Application Temperature onto clean, dry surface 50F (10C) Although we have good control of the color production of KPMF products at our multiple locations, as with all other manufacturers products, customers should be aware that there may be subtle variances between samples, swatches and production materials, therefore it is advisable to avoid using different batches of material for the same application, to avoid possible color shifts.

Color: Green Pearlescent
Finish: Gloss / Shiny
SKU: K71311
Film Type: Cast
Adhesive: Permanent Acrylic Clear
Recommended Uses: Laminate over any color change or digital print media.
Conformability: Vinyl laminate for car Wraps
Thickness: 2.0 mil
Removable: Permanent Laminate
Application Type: Dry
Max roll size: 5ft (60in) {152cm} x 75ft (25 Yard) {22,85m}


If you have any questions, or if you need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department:

Toll Free: 1.866.258.6908

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